We do repairs from temporary patches to fully finished carpentry. If this is not taken care of, more animals can move in.

-Temporary repairs
Temporary repairs are often sheet metal or screen to close a hole in your roof, soffit, or fascia as a short term solution. This is a patch over an animal hole / entry point where another material should be replaced by a professional home repair company. It is designed to keep an animal out until a roof, soffit, or fascia can completely be replaced.

Holes in roof
-We will temporary patch the holes until a roofer can professionally repair

-Permanent Repair
A permanent repair is work done by JD’s Wildlife Services as a lasting solution to keep other animals from using the open entry point in your home. Permanent repairs consist of, but are not limited to, soffit and fascia repairs, dormer repairs, siding repairs, and screening of various vents, fans, porches, stoops, and decks to name a few. Also ask about stain, seal, sanding, replacement of boards on decks, and other finishing work for your permanent repair.

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