We provide emergency services 24 / 7 / 365 days. All holidays are included.
*An emergency case is when the animal is actually inside the living space

Emergency services include – but not limited to:

-Bats in house
-Human wildlife interaction that animal control will not help with
-Raccoons in garage
-Opossum in garage
-Animal in living space
-Squirrel in house
-Raccoon in house
-Sick animals (raccoons and skunks, etc)

Note: Unless Animal Control is on their way, do not wait for them to call you back, call us, time is of the essence

Anyone that has been bitten by a wild animal should always call 911 for advice

Domestic cases (cats, dogs, and other pets) please call your county animal control
-Lake County Animal Control: 847-377-4700
-McHenry County Animal Control: 815-459-6222