-Breeding season: Feb – March
-Gestation: 66 Days
-Litter Size: 1-10 (3-6 average)
-Babies born in may (typically)
-One litter per year
-Active at night and occasionally during the daylight hours of early morning or late evening
-Their diets consist of plants, insects, and other small rodents

-JDS Wildlife provides Skunk removal from: under sheds, in burrows underground, window wells, porch, three season room, deck, stoop, They are not good climbers, skunks often tunnel under concrete pads, structures, parking pads, garage, foundation wall. Skunks can cause damage to gardens and yards in search of white grubs

If you are in need of Skunk removal services, we would be glad to help.    We proudly serve the northern illinois area, communities such as: Lake Zurich, Grayslake, Inverness, Libertyville, Lincolnshire, Deerfield, Lake Villa, Gurnee, Lindenhurst, Antioch, Fox Lake, Marengo, Richmond, Spring Grove, Johnsburg, Lakemoor, Island Lake and Fox River Grove.  Contact us Today!